"Cyclists are

your neighbors,

your teachers,

your bankers,

your lawyers,

even possibly

your friends.

We do not

deserve to be

'banned from

the hills'

because of the



of a few."

"Next time you

encounter a

cyclist on the

road or trail,

why not try a

friendly wave

or greeting?

I think there is

enough beauty

in Marin for all

of us to


Cecy's May 11, 1999
Letter to the Editor
Marin IJ

Picture from Cecy's Wall
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Music Played on the Memorial Ride
(most came from Cecy's CD collection):

Jackson Browne-Fountain of Sorrow

This is one Cecy turned me on to personally, one of her personal favorites. I've played it over a thousand times, and now, years later, its still moves me my heart and my eyes to tears. It was also played at her memorial service in Southern California as well.

On September 4, 1999, Cecy Krone was killed by Michele Marsha Griffin Mosher Young, a drunk driver, repeated offender, notorious for being agressive with bicyclists. She mauled Cecy on a sunny Sunday morning, already drunk and with her own child in the back seat.

Young spent less than three years in prison.

This website was created in 1999 as we grieved her passing. Ten years later we still grieve the loss of such a beautiful soul.

Your loss has taken root in a thousand hearts. Ceci is our loss. I'm am deeply affected by this tragedy and offer my heartfelt condolences to you.

On two wheels and rolling south...

Dale McKinnon
Bellingham, WA

Our deepest thanks to all of you that have expressed your love and support over the loss of our darling Cecy.

Words cannot express how
moved each of us has been as we received your love and condolences and shared in your stories of Cecy.

We have grasped your helping hands as they allowed us to make that first big step in letting go of our daughter,
sister, and aunt. There are no words to express what your help has meant to us.

Adeline Krone, Mary Krone, Kathy Sutphen, Kara Krone, Max Krone, Addie Sutphen, Lilah Sutphen

Ceci- I will
miss you on those group rides Thursday nights around Paradise. Having coffee with you at the Roasters on Friday, July 23rd was my last memory of you.
You'll forever be in my memory.



Dear Aunt Adeline, Our thoughts & prayers are with you daily. As you know we know what a tragedy it is to lose a loved one at such a young age. When my brother was killed I thought the world was going to end. Keep the faith & it will set you free.I'm sorry I never got to meet Cecy but some day I will. We all will. As a biker here in Wisconsin the thoughts of my cousin will be on
my mind everytime I ride. God Bless you & you're family.

Love, Ron & Lou Ann


A second memorial held in Southern California:

"…In the inland valley where Cecy grew up, skies were gloomy all day Saturday the 18th. But 6,000 feet higher at Mount Baldy Village, the sun was shining. As if Cecy were welcoming us to her memorial
service from where she skiied, jogged, and camped during college breaks and other times at home.

[The] montage stood on the altar of the village church, with a huge window backdrop showing trees and the Mt. Baldy outdoors Cecy loved so well. After the memorial, her women friends from grade school and high school years stood behind your montage to have one last picture taken with Cecelia.…


Cecy's Mom

"If we can build bridges for golfers and movie producers, why can't we make bridges for bicyclists as well."

Cecy's Comments to the San Anselmo Bike Task Force, August 1999


I did not know Cecy, however, I was initially shocked to learn that another fellow cyclist had been struck down. Then after seeing the support of the cycling community coming together for Cecy's (and all of our) benefit, I was incredibly moved. I ride at least 150 miles a week, of which two days are commuting from my workplace in Oakland to Concord. I've had more times than I like to mention, very close calls with motorists. It frightens me to realize any number of them are intoxicated. This event however will not stop me from riding. It motivates me more to be defensive while on the road.

I am very sorry for your loss. I wish I had known Cecy. She will however, now be a part of our hearts.


Dan Hertlein
Diablo Cyclists
Antioch, CA.



I did not know Cecy, however, I would like to say that after reading the articles inthe Marin IJ, I have so much more compassion for bike riders
and I will start being kinder to those riding bikes when I am driving.

It' s not like I was mean or did anything to harm them, I just never realized how vulnerable they are compared to cars. I am not much of a biker myself and hope that more people will be aware of bike riders and
how they deserve to have their share of the roadway.

My sympathies and thoughts to you,

Linda Eggers, San Anselmo, CA

To Ceci's family and friends:

My sincere condolences on her death. It is a terrible misfortune that her time on this earth was cut short. I was deeply moved by the strong turn out for the memorial ride, and the deep love she obviously engendered in people. My prayers and thoughts are with her, and with you all in this sad time.


Jordan Berlant
New York, NY



The first time I logged on to your site I spent two hours looking at the clips, and I wept openly. I didn't fare much better today looking to see the
status of the trial. I remember another gal was murdered in much the same way, I believe she was a western wheeler, last year. I never heard the
outcome. As a law enforcement officer, I am angered not only by the incidents, but sometimes the cavalier attitude by our D.A.s and prosecutors. My condolences and support.


Work like you don't need money, Love like you have never been hurt, Dance like no one is watching, Ride your bicycle like the wind.

… I guess we all grieved together. Mary and I maintained well during your visits, but we have lost it entirely over the weekend. I simply cannot stop crying/sobbing. I feel so lost. I guess there was so much input when we were in San Anselmo - stranded in some parallel universe of grief - that we remained distracted while we attempted to wrap our minds around the magnitude of our loss. Now it all seems so unreal and I am lost. My heart is shot through and I cannot get my mind around it all. It's simply far too much.

The good things about Grief Universe: meeting you and many, many of Cecy's friends; feeling the love and support of the community and all the other communities Cecy touched; learning some lessons - albeit in a manner I would never voluntarily subject myself to . . . ever . . There's more, but I haven't the stamina to write it.

I hope to see you tomorrow evening and, if not, we will see each other soon. These visits will go on indefinitely.


I grew up with Cecy in Ontario, Ca.. Her mother, Adeline, is best friends
with my mother Jane Kensinger. Cecy's sisters were in Girl Scouts with my
sister. Although I hadn't seen Cecy for over 30 years in the pictures on
the Memorial page looked just as I had remembered her. It was tragic to hear the news of her death. It is very heartwarming to see that she had so many friends and contributed to all of us in very positive ways. Thank you for the link to her Memorial Page.

Your Friend,

Bob Kensinger
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Michele Marsha Griffin Mosher Young what have you done? You beg the courts for mercy. You gave my daughter none.

Kill someone and you are a star. When Ms. Young pleaded guilty in court to two felony counts in exchange for sentence concessions, her victim's name was mentioned only once during the entire hearing. That in a dry reading of a complaint against the killer. To date there has been no real opportunity in court to explain what a remarkable person Cecy was and what loss her killing is to family, friends, cyclists, teachers, patients and to society.

Cecy was a joy to me, her mother, from the date of her birth. She was fun to be around and many times a surprise. Many of us have "Cecy" stories. To pick one, when Cecy was in first grade her caretaker Mrs. Murphy called me at work to say Cecy disappeared after school. I called police and was told she was there, "interviewing" the chief. That day, Cecy's teacher had spoken to her class of postmasters, fire chiefs, and
chiefs of police. Cecy walked to the post office, the fire station, and police headquarters to see such persons in real life. They were enchanted with this child. Cecy was unique and always had a logical explanation for offbeat activities.

Cecy graduated from high school and college with honors and did required clinical affiliations prior to taking her boards for Registered Occupational Therapist. She worked consecutively in Pasadena, San Diego and Marin, during 1999 with children of county schools. Her clients were six, seven, ten year olds. Some were autistic, others had learning disabilities or trouble with fine and motor skills. Most of what Cecy did with children looked like play but was serious work. It is ironic that, if Cecy's life had been spared and Ms. Young's son injured during his mother's alcoholic binge 9/04/99, Cecy could have worked with the son's impairment.

\Another irony is that Cecy took great care of the life I gave her, exercising and eating a healthful diet, yogurt, no red meats, etc. (Well, she did have a weakness for ice cream). To think that Cecy was killed by a person indulging in hard liquor to excess and allegedly reaching for cigarettes as she crushed the life out of Cecy's healthy body with a 2-l/2 ton assault weapon.

A third irony is Cecy's letter to the Marin IJ editor printed 5/11/99 "... the next time you encounter a cyclist on the road or trail, why not try a friendly wave or greeting?" Michele Young either didn't read that or didn't care. Her expensive private defense attorney states Ms. Young "needs to be treated rather than punished." Treatment for alcoholism is available in prison. But what about treatment for her anger management problem? From the accident report, the killer is remembered by her personalized license plate of previous incidents running cyclists off the road. She honked her horn angrily at cyclists prior to killing Cecy, and a comment from one cyclist to another was, "this is road rage happening".

Cecy enjoyed the fine arts, museums, theater, Broadway musicals, books. She was competitive. She took up cycling after skiing, jogging and triathlons. She maintained her membership in and wore San Diego Bicycle colors after moving north. During the last two weeks of her life, before returning to San Anselmo, she rode in Seattle with RAW (Ride Around Washington). There were memorial rides for Cecy simultaneously on September 11 in Seattle, Marin, and San Diego. A week later a memorial at Mt. Baldy Village Church was sponsored by grade school and high school friends with whom she had an annual reunion three weeks before her death. Cecy was loyal. She loved cycling and cyclists, who chose well in depicting her a standard bearer for road safety.

Christmas 1999. Cecy's Christmas stocking hung empty, the first time since her birth. The most personal and most painful of Cecy's story by me, her mother, is of her final moments and I can only guess when they were.

Cecy is not the first of my children to die. Another daughter was ill of cancer many months and, just before breathing her last, came out of her coma and said "Mom". Did Cecy, at any time as the monster rolled over her, say or think "Mom, help me"? I couldn't help my baby. I couldn't. Did I have a right to something more than sitting by her broken body at a trauma center after she died? And Michele Young wants mercy.

The California State Legislature, in enacting Penal Code 191.5, a section which includes gross vehicular manslaughter states "... In view of the severe threat to public safety which is posed by the intoxicated driver, there is a compelling need to identify and penalize those who voluntarily consume alcoholic beverages to the point of legal intoxication and thereafter operate a motor vehicle, thereby combining sharply impaired physical and mental faculties with a vehicle capable of exerting great force and speed and causing severe damage and death." Note key words in lawmakers' intent, compelling need to penalize.

To estimate the cost of M. Young's alcoholic 9/04/99 misadventure is mind-boggling. Cecy's medical expenses alone totaled over $40,000. Granted some was covered by insurance, but you wonder why insurance costs are high? And then there was the cost of law enforcement and court costs. I object strongly to Cecy's killer being assured of sentence concessions as being contrary to the intent of the state legislature. Her past record proves unreliability. Any sentence less than the maximum allowable by law increases the probability of recidivism. The only l00% sure deterrence to Ms. Young driving drunk again is for the period of time she is incarcerated.

This is another plea for letters to the Marin County probation officer, Patricia Bonelli. Society deserves to be protected from the likes of Michele Young. Thank you for your kindnesses.

- Cecy's Mom


Patricia Bonelli
Marin County Probation Department
3501 Civic Center Drive
San Rafael, California 94903-4195

Fri, Sep 4, 2009